Travel Better.


App Design


When visiting countries, learning about the culture is all part of the experience. Culturafy was established to make everyone's travelling easier.

Understanding the User

Before conducting the design, travel app design and end-user experience were researched and prepared. The aims were to produce a reliable mobile application that provides everything in one – tour guide plans; direct bookings; personal itinerary; translator and an entertainment feature.



Next plan was to sketch out wireframes. Sketching out wireframes allowed me to visualise the direction the layout, placement and styling I wanted to settle on. High fidelity sketches made it clear that Culturafy should be presented well and distressing to use.

Culturafy was soon to be brought to life. Although most of the content was going to stay the same; there were a few details I wanted to improve on.

Developing a consistent and clean looking layout was the main priority, which meant, the app's prototypes should consist of engaging icons placed within rounded shapes. This resulted in many contents to discover and to navigate.


Development - Mockups

The wordmark for Culturafy is very simple, in simple black, the wordmark concluded with the application’s type font. Giving professional clarity; it sets the brand’s image differently from other travel brands.

A logo and wordmark were designed to distinguish the brand’s image. Once again, I drew sketches for the logo; my idea was to combine a navigation point and the letter ‘C’ (standing for Culturafy). Further refinements occurred during the design process; there were many ways the main details could be laid out, which was why it took time to try out different styles, before settling down with the most attractive one.



The outcome was very enjoyable to build and create. Because of this project, I realised I don’t have to stick with the same content design; content can be refined over and over again until satisfaction. The effort put into this helped me to improve my skills, and understand the stress carried to finalise Culturafy was worth it.

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