Nice to meet you,
I’m Jessica

I am currently studying Interaction Design (Year Two) at the University of Ulster in Belfast. At the moment, I am learning all sorts of design (more to come too!) and one of them is UI/UX design. And after doing a Foundation Year in Art & Design, I realised Interaction Design would be something that I will not regret choosing.

Interaction Design has helped me approach the wonders of what’s behind the scenes in the digital world, I’ve learned so much that when it comes to designing, the visual part is only one half of the outcome. I think design has no guidebook; I strive to make sure that my work is memorable and not compressed in a box; so, detail is a big deal - everything must be 100%.




Graphic Design
& Illustration

Conduct Research

Basic HTML & CSS



Little Extras



I want to own many dogs. Unfortunately, I do not have one, but if I were to adopt one now, it be a corgi – their short legs are so cute!


I need to listen to music all the time. It keeps me going (especially when I need to stay awake)!



I love travelling. I do not mind where I end up, but along as there are good food, good sights and good people, I know will have a great time.

I love a good iced drink – especially iced tea.

Future Plans


In the future, I would like to gain more experience, see how far my design skills can go since sticking to one style is boring. I also would like to work with clients, work on more branding projects, and maybe expand my brand to other personal projects.  

It may be the start of my journey, but I have high hopes that I can reach beyond my imagination – so keep an eye out ;)